Sunday, March 07, 2010

RJ on 4 things that Women can never have.

Women are the most beautiful creations of god, but yet, their mind work in mysterious ways. Some are easy to get but most of the time are hard to maintain which results to men preferring to maintain cars.

We men constantly have problems in reading their mind (cause we actually can’t) and the following are the things that men will never understand about women:-

4. Women Can Never Have Enough Shoes

Have you ever try asking a girl how many pairs of shoes she has? Most of their answers will have at least 2 figures and the first figure tends to starts with 6, like around 65 to 200. The next question is why? Why the hell they need so many shoes? How many pairs of legs they have? Most men (excluding feggets) have only 3 pairs at most.

Gosh I have no shoes to wear

Most women will say, “We have different shoes for different occasion, and for each occasion we have different shoes,” which doesn’t really make sense. On every occasion they will go to a shoe shop such as Nose, Vincci and what not to fight for shoes.

“We need more security, we are being overrun!!”

After the occasion, you will never see that particular shoe again and the whole cycle will repeat itself when a new occasion comes up. Where the hell the shoe go? Why that shoe cannot be worn again? That is something that men will never know.

3. Women can never have enough Clothes

I have heard the phrase “looks like me, talks like but it’s not me”, I have also heard the phrase “ini saman manyak senang settle je, kasi la duit kopi.” But in my whole life, I’ve never heard a woman says “I have too much clothes to wear.”

Every time a women opens their closet, the will put their hands on their hips and say “I don’t have clothes to wear.” But the problem is, their closet looks like this:-

So the question arises, WTF are those things hanging in the closet?

For them, there is no such thing as a full closet. Their closets are always empty. Like shoes, they will raid the shops to fight buy clothes that they will wear only once and then god knows where they put it.

“Oh gosh, I have nothing to wear, time to raid MNG”

2. Women can never have the thinnest body.

Being fat sucks, and I know that first hand. But sometimes, being too thin sucks too, and that is something that women will never understand. They always feel that they’re fat no matter how thin they are.

“I’m too depressed cause I’m so damn fat.”

For them, the moment they are thin enough, is when they look like this

“I have the perfect body.”

Eventhough they look like that, the moment they see another girl, the other girl is always thinner than her.

“I wish I was as thin as her”

1. Women can never have the fairest skin.

Have you ever heard of the story of Snow White. Yes, Snow White, and nobody gives a shit bout the 7 horny dwarves. As far as I recalled, the evil queen was jealous that someone else was fairer than her. So she tried to kill Snow White but end up dead.

“I pwned the evil dark queen.”

The moral of the story was, no matter how fucking fair you are, no matter how much money you spend getting conned into buying stuffs like oil of lay, SK-1, and various facial mask, Michael Jackson will always be fairer than you.

“and you better believe that, cause I was black.”

So stop wasting money and just be who you are. This is a community service message provided by RJ in the House.